What's in it for Students?

Organized to exceed the customary norms of education, one of the benefits of school management system is the ability to automatically help the students find their day-to-day motivation. The online school management software in Nepal has been fixed with tools that support and help students succeed in their education.

Live Interactive Classes

This program at school management software helps to make teaching more personal, engaging, and productive by sharing a great experience with teachers. As a student being in class personally is not the only way for learning not with the coming up of the new technologies and internet. That’s why the system has introduced live interactive classes to help students succeed.

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Key Features

Online Exams

The student management system helps students to prepare well for the exams by providing enough materials and making sure they pass well. This system provides a conducive environment during exams hence no destruction when the exams are going on.

Online Attendance

This student management system helps to monitor the attendance of students in school on a daily basis. Students have to register every day to show that they have attended the lessons as provided. It also helps the teacher to know which student is present in class and who is absent.

Results & Grades

Further the student management system will allow students to get their results and grades into a mobile device in the right way and help them learn how they can earn higher grades. This is really useful for teachers who want more efficient use of the information they have on hand. It’s important for both the admin and teachers to be aware of how students perform in class.

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Quality Teaching

The best school management system in Nepal provides quality education that is purposeful and students are provided with the knowledge and ability to gain skills.

Insightful Assessments

The system provides critical thinking testing, development, and training to students. This helps students to learn and determine whether or not they understand the course materials.

Classroom Training

The school management system provides training that allows students to learn in a safe, quiet, clean environment and away from noise destruction. It also supports and enhances strategies in a classroom to allow learning and teaching to continue smoothly.

Key Features

Bus Tracking

It comes with an app system that allows students to track their bus live on their mobile phone device that has access to internet connections. The tracking device not only helps students check their bus departure and arrival but also informs whether the bus has already left or has been delayed due to bad weather or traffic on the road.

Hostel Details

The school management system is designed to take care of all hostel activities such as rooms, fees, admissions and provide reports for easy transactions. Additionally, it makes sure the facilities of students is well equipped with private indoor/outdoor bathrooms, study rooms, and dormitory facilities that are ready-made for all students.

Library Details

The system ensures that students and teachers are connected with each other through computer networks. This makes it possible not only to have open online teaching options but also opportunities throughout the educational systems allowing more flexibility going forward.

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