Hostel Management

The school management system has also designed hostel management software to take care of all the hostel activities such as rooms, fees, and admissions and provides reports for easy transactions. Additionally, it makes sure the facilities of students are well equipped with private indoor/outdoor bathrooms, study rooms, and dormitory facilities that are ready-made for all the students.


The school management software for schools has to implement hostel dashboards that allow students to provide hostel accommodations based on room availability. Custom files are used to record all information concerning the hostel that's required by the school.

Key Features

Hostel Room Management

The system has implemented hostel room management which is designed to take care of all hostel activities like mess allotments, hostel stores, fees, and hostel admission. It also generates reports on the related activities for better transactions. Additionally, the management manages the payrolls of the hostel staff, student certificates, and mess bill calculations for students.

Bed Management

The system has bed management that enables the successful flow of students through healthcare facilities. The management also plans for the convenient use of beds using the coordination of the bed turnover process. The students’ experience of well-organized bed flow makes them feel safe.

Blocks & Floor Management

The dynamic school management software has implemented block and floor management which manages the construction of school buildings. They provide suspended floors that are strongly supported by wall structures. The management determines the structure of the building and the required floor will determine which variations are suitable for any application at the school. The system makes sure the facilities are well constructed.

Student Management

The hostel management school management software manages data of students, data of staff, the process of student admission, and process receipts for the fees paid by the students who live in the hostel. The management also maintains the message of visitors who have come to visit their children at school

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