Nepal's first QR Code Enter

Blackboard school management system in Nepal, introduced the first QR code which allows the information of purchase transactions to the phone application. The QR code holds information that you can use your smartphone camera to scan the details inside it. It can be read at a high speed no matter the scanning angle and it has a detection pattern that enables high-speed reading without being affected by the background pattern. The QR code can encode different characters such as alphabets, numeric, symbols, and other data. One of the benefits of school management software is that it has allowed students to use the QR code to initiate their fee payments. Using this method, students do not have to pay fees in cash because their details are saved in the app on their mobile devices.

QR Code scanner

The school management software has a QR code scanner that allows scanning QR codes on your mobile device. The scanner also allows you to place the code that you want to scan on the screen and hold your phone keenly for some time and make sure you are connected to the internet so that you can open the link provided.

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Key Features

Student In & Out Data

The school management software provides students with data that has all the information from the recorded students. These data records include behavioral assessments, report cards, disciplinary records, and many more. Using this data with students helps them to take control of their studies, making them understand learning as growth over time process. Teachers who know the full capability of this data exceed occasionally by sharing the tests with students.

Class wise Filters

The school management software provides class filters that give the classroom management authority over teachers which helps them filter the work of students in the class. Once the teacher marks the classes, students can enable an auto filter and then filter on every class as required by the enrolled student.

User Profile

The school management system comes with a user profile for students which allows entering data submitted by the students and information such as date of birth, type of school, year entry and start date, student personal statement, and student’s strength and weaknesses. All this information is added by the teachers to provide a complete profile of the student.

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