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Explore The Benefits of the School Management System for Students

Black Board Learn+ is an academy school management system that is comprehensive and well organized to exceed the customary ways of academics and automatically helps the teachers and students find their day-to-day motivation. A dynamic school management software, which allows the teachers to meet students at their level, makes the entire program into a personalized discussion.

On-the-Go Access

The dynamic school management system is easily accessible via the website, iOS, and Android applications that help teachers to teach students effectively.

Choose Your Learning Path

Offers an extensive admission process with self-enrollment capabilities and well-designed lessons for students.

Classroom Training

The specially designed curriculum lays a lot of focus on the development of critical skills coupled with online attendance, and regular class notifications.

Wide Range of Platforms

Ranked as the best school management software, it comes with advanced Microsoft team, Zoom, and Google Meet that offer ideas and techniques to help students learn effectively.

Insightful Assessments

Freedom to choose from multiple-choice questions & create personalized tests with question banks. You can also monitor the results for your assessment.

Remote Reporting

It comes with advanced features such as immediate scoring and reporting with extensive grade cards that help teachers and students do more to improve the learning environment.

What's in it for Students

The school management system provides better and necessary features to support activities in the education sector such as distance education, and learning classrooms. The system helps to make, distribute, administer and control all the activities that are related to learning and act as a tribute to classroom learning.

  • Fee submission
  • Online classes
  • Submission of assignments
  • Easily accessible

What's in it for Teachers

The school management system allows teachers to provide consolidated and efficient learning to students and they can interact with students. They make sure all students get fair access to everything they require when necessary, ensuring that all students benefit from educational opportunities.

  • Deliver assignments
  • Easily accessible
  • Online classes
  • Notifications

What's in it for Admins

The school management software has a fantastic team and they offer quality services. They have the responsibility of supervising the school and providing day-to-day support to all the staff and students. They also help them understand and fix issues in staff meetings and other processes that concern the school.

  • Online fee collection
  • Online classes and courses
  • Fee payment
  • Schedule exams

Additional Modules

QR Code Entry

Blackboard's school management system has a QR Code Scan which allows you to monitor the entry and exit of each student.

Live Bus Tracking

Our Live Bus Tracking system allows you to know exactly where the bus is heading and when the bus is approaching.

Library Management

The Library Management system helps to manage and keep track of the books available in the library.

Hostel Management

Our Hostel Management System will take care of all hostel activities such as rooms, fees, admissions and much more.

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