Library Management

The school management software has implemented a library management system that ensures students and teachers are connected with each other through computer networks. It’s designed to take care of all functions that are related to the library. It helps the librarians to maintain the database of all books that are new and the ones that are borrowed by the students along with their due dates.

Dashboard & Reports

The library management system has created a management data dashboard that displays a wide range of information about the operations of the school library. The dashboards are designed using the user interface (UI) design which has an ever-increasing availability of data sources of the library.

Key Features

Book Management

The school management system has designed the library where the book management system organizes books by the level of reading, determines the reading level of each book, determines the genre for each book. This way, students can easily access the library and find the books they are looking for through their mobile devices.

Issue & Borrow books

The library management system allows students to borrow books from the library when they need them. The students have to use their mobile devices to browse the eBook section at the school library. The system also publishes books that are useful to students to gain knowledge.

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Student Manageable

The library helps students operate using the internet, offers them a quiet area for studying, and encourages them to read. The students are free to choose which book interests them and enjoy reading.

Book History

Blackboard school management system has a history with books in the library starting with writing development and other inventions like paper and book printing.

Easy User Interface

The library management system uses a UI design that is simple and easy to learn and use. The design has a compatible look and a better balance in maintaining simplicity and maximizing functionality.

Key Features

Late Fees collection

The library management system suspends borrowing privileges of students who borrow books and they return late or past the due date and the late fee is automatically applied to the student account. The late fee encourages students to pay on time when borrowing books to study.

Student Management

With login-based access, the library management system allows students to easily search and reserve materials for reference from anywhere because its cost saving and time consuming to students. The management removes repetitive work; increase efficiency and make each process error-free so that students can easily access the study materials in the library.

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