Live Bus Tracking

The school management system has implemented the live bus tracking system on the school bus. The bus tracking system allows students to know the exact location of the bus; where the bus is heading and when the bus is approaching. Students can track their buses live using their mobile devices. The tracking device not only helps students check their bus departure and arrival but also informs whether the bus has already left or has been delayed due to bad weather or traffic on the road. The live bus tracking system also helps the school management software to save costs and other resources by reducing manual work. This system is beneficial to students because it provides enough security and safety for students. Additionally, it helps the admin to have correct data on staff attendance, their hours working, and processing their payrolls.


The school management software has implemented a live tracking system with a dashboard. The dashboard helps to maintain the school transportation with ease, and answers questions on information that parents want to know about the whereabouts of their children. This makes the transportation and traveling of students run smoothly. The school management system centralizes all imported transport data for effective decision-making.

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Key Features

Live Bus Tracking

The school management software has installed a live bus tracking system on the school bus that shows the time location on a map. The driver simply enters his destination on the device to see all the routes, along with price details and speed. Students will ask for the location of the bus using their Android device because the request to the server is set automatically. Using the live tracking device, it will find the exact location that you want.

Bus Management

The live bus tracking app monitors the bus and notifies the school management about the departure or arrival of the bus to a particular place without any delay. The system has saved all the details of the students, teachers, and the driver and this helps them to determine the location of the bus.

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Easy User Interface

Creates the best user interface that’s simple and easy to use and gives the design an exceptional look. It makes the student’s experience easy as it allows students to apply learned knowledge to new tasks. This makes the design have a good balance between maintaining simplicity and maximizing functionality.

Easy Trackable

Blackboard school management system has the best tracking device which tracks the location of the school bus in real-time. Using the device, it’s easy to track the arrival and departure of the school bus. This way it enhances the level of safety of students, parents’ peace of mind, efficient fleet operations, and cost-effective transport solutions for the school.

More Safety Features

Connects parents with their children's school transport system which ensures the safety of students, addressing parents' concerns and bus routing. The live bus tracking app executes all the tasks with accurate communication and reporting capabilities.

Key Features

Driver Management

The school management software has implemented a driver management system that allows students to have a comprehensive look at their driver, their productivity, and safety. The system automatically uploads important information about the driver hence students are able to receive data about their driver.

Route Management

Ranked as the best school management software in Nepal it has a route management system that helps in ruling operations of achieving the best regulations of the bus operations. The management encloses the route optimization software as part of a complete solution about different routes. It also monitors the behavior of the driver and bus activities to ensure safe driving practices.

Student Management

The student management system allows parents and students to access real-time information on the school bus location using their mobile devices. This way it minimizes the time students have to wait or be exposed to other dangers. An alert is set on the device so that the driver can receive messages from different locations.

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